How to replace

1. Sign in to your account, then to the ‘Orders’ Section under My Account. 2. Select the specific order that you wish to refund, ensuring that the order has been completed (delivered to the shipping process). 3. Now choose the items to be refunded and the reason for refund. Once done, the refund will have to be approved before it is accepted. 4. After you are provided the refund confirmation, you have to ship back the product attached with a proof of purchase/receipt, the RNM number and a note that states that you need a replacement to “Ora La Moda Al Balad Ghazali Plaza, 2nd floor P.O. Box 1086 Jeddah 21431 Saudi Arabia”. 5. Upon receiving the product, if it matches the conditions listed on the policy, the replacement will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.